Snappy Sumo - This is not a complaint but a compliment under protest

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I ordered a glaSS print from My photo box via purchased voucher from Cudo in November 2012.It is exactly 8 months today when in fact the order should have been delivered 7 months ago.

After trying to communicate with Cudo as you cant sometimes contact the merchant directly. My photo box then became happy sumo was very difficult to contact after being told by Cudo to go directly to the merchant and if unsuccessful to contact Cudo back again, but when I did contact Cudo, because I could not get anywhere with happy sumo, Cudo did not return my emails. I then received an email from my photo box some 3 months after placing the order that my glass print will be delivered within the week and in particular Tuesday of that week but a person must sign for the delivery. I made sure I was at home on that particular Tuesday but no delivery was I sent an email to happy sumo and I had a response saying "please extend some time to them and the delivery will be made".

Email after email few more months pass by, but recently I got on the net again and managed to communicate with the same person that originally sent me the email and he confirmed that my order is in the warehouse and it will be delivered. I told him not to deliver and that I would pick it up on a Friday, it was Tuesday when I contacted them. I was told that If I wanted to pick it up I might wait around for a few hours as they had thousands of orders in the warehouse. I told him I would not leave unless I picked up my order since it was in the warehouse and they had all this time to find it and get it ready.

He gave me the warehouse address and I definitely decided that I would go in on Friday and once and for all try and finish the matter, but surprisingly the order was delivered to by TNT Couriers on Thursday around lunch time.

Hellalooyah, I cannot believe it It took eight months to deliver the order.So never give up, there is always hope.

Review about: Delivery Service.

Snappy Sumo - Broken Software and Coupon Lapse

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Bought a coupon for a canvas print from for a MyPhotoBox print. MyPhotoBox merged into Snappy Sumo, and as a resul tthe Snappy Sumo site links almost exclusively to a page saying they have merged.

Managed to download the software they require to create the canvas print, only to find after I was finished that "The product is no longer available". As a result of not being able to submit, the coupon has expired, wiping away whatever credit I had.

Contacting support leaves you with no response. Complained on facebook and was told to email a certain person responsible, and have not heard back either on facebook or from the person. Direct contact to support also non-responsive.

Even if the reason they are absent is because of support volume, when the company already has your money it feels more like a swindle than anything else. Avoid Snappy Sumo.



Did you try contacting the deal website?I had a similar problem but Snappy Sumo admitted they had a volume problem and told me to get a refund off the deal site.

The deal site were quick with there refund but I am still waiting for the refund of the delivery charge from snappy.Not happy!

Snappy Sumo - Non delivery of ordered item

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Ordered one large framed print on 5/9/12. Followed up numerous times from October onwards. Never got an explanation, just lots of meaningless apologies. As of 31/1/13, I have been promised that my item SHOULD be here by 10/2/2013.

It might just be me, but 5 months seems a bit long for something that was supposed to be here in 3-4 weeks. Mind you, it is not here yet, so they can still extend their poor record. Thankfully, this was a trial order for me, so apart from hours of lost time, I am not badly out of pocket.

Do not buy anything from Snappy Sumo. Ever. Plenty of other better companies out there.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #617226

Contact the office of fair trade in your state and make a complaint.There are many many complaints all over the net about this company.If you are on facebook do a search and you will see you arent on your own being ripped off by this disgusting company.

Dont take any more of their excuses they will just string you along until u are sick and tired of dealing with them and give up.Dont give up!!!complain and complain until something is done

Snappy Sumo & Scoopon

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Lies, lies and more lies! Order was placed on the 4th September 2012 for delivery within 6 - 8 weeks, over 4 months later I am still waiting for the products! This is after I have been in touch with them on 3 occasions and been told 3 times it was in the mail, but guess what lies, lies and more lies!

DO NOT TRUST SNAPPY SUMO or rely on the disgusting support offered by, they are experts at telling stories. To make matters worse, they now simply refuse to even comment on the problem and avoid any consumer contact, by email phone or otherwise.


Review about: Metal Picture.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #617224

This company is disgusting,there are so many blogs and forums and facebook filled with complaints about them, make a online complaint to the office of fair trade in your state.You will get your money back swiftly

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